Tech Info for Graduating Students

Below are instructions regarding the preservation of information currently on student MSB Novell accounts and Hoyamail emails after graduation. If there are any questions please contact the Tech Center.

The information below applies to students graduating with a Georgetown University diploma only. If you are leaving the university but will not be receiving a diploma (i.e. exchange students, etc.), please email for information about your accounts. You must state that you are not graduating from Georgetown in your email.

Email Routing
Your email address is yours to keep for life. Because your Hoyamail email account will not expire, you do not need to reconfigure your email routing after graduation. However, you may change your email routing at any time to keep it updated. To do so, log in at:   with your UIS NetID and NetID password.

Account Expiration
Access to your MSB Novell Account will terminate 30 days after graduation. After that, you will no longer have access to the P: Drive, S: Drive, Lexis Nexis, and Bloomberg.

Access to your Hoyamail email will not terminate after graduation. You will retain normal access.

Graduating students have access to Blackboard until June 30, 2014. Please note, however, that instructors can make courses unavailable at any time, so we recommend that you log in to retrieve any needed documents or information as soon as possible after the end of classes.

Graduating students retain the ability to log into MyAccess and view grades, registration history, academic program information, and order transcripts.

Library Access
Anyone is welcome to visit the library and use most of its databases.

Alumni have some remote access, but no key business sources. Click here for more information.

P: Drive, S: Drive, W: Drive
Your P: Drive, W: Drive and S: Drive will be erased when your MSB Novell account is closed 30 days after graduation. You may copy the contents of any network drives to a CD using the CD Burner(s) on the kiosks. We have blank CDs for sale at the Tech Center for $1.

Alternatively, we will burn your P: drive to a CD for $5. The Tech Center requires that you fill out a form and pay the $5 in advance if you want to use this service. If you choose to have a CD made, we can either mail it to you or have you pick it up once it has been completed.