Snow Day

When selecting a technology to conduct snow day classes you can choose between two alternatives. The first, "Real-Time" means the class will be conducted live with a two-way voice and presentation between and among instructors and students. The second, "Recorded" means the professor may record a one-way voice and presentation video and post a link to the recording on Blackboard or send it through e-mail to students. Students can view the recording at any time.

For Recorded Presentations:

- Echo 360 is the university-wide option.
- Camtasia is the MSBTC option.

There is no preferred option. In both cases the students will see the recording as a link and all they will be required to do is click on the link. Thus, there is virtually no difference between the two products from their point of view. Camtasia is offered as a MSBTC alternative because it has more robust editing features. The extended edit tools are not necessarily required for snow days.

For Real-Time Presentations.

- Zoom is the university-wide option.

This solution is transmitted to students over a web page or e-mail as a web page link. When they click on the link they are stepped through a process that installs necessary software and configures things like microphones and cameras. At a minimum students will need speakers.

Because of the wide use across the campus, and student familiarity with the product, Zoom is the preferred option for real time snow day presentations.

Recorded Presentations

Echo360 Personal Capture

For steps about how to record lecture captures on a personal computer and making them available to your students, click here.


To learn about Camtasia Studio, click here.

Real-Time Presentations


With Zoom, you can schedule a meeting or start an instant meeting. Faculty and staff can use Zoom to connect with each other, with students, and with colleagues from around world with audio, video and screen sharing. You can invite people from both within and outside Georgetown to participate in your meeting.

For more information on using Zoom, visit:
UIS: Web Conferencing Using Zoom